Friday, September 13, 2013

Social Media Training

Join Us for Social Media Training!  Have you been interested in joining the social media revolution, but were unsure about how to get started?  Are you familiar with some social media channels, but are interested in exploring additional ones.  Then this training is for you.

Bryan Crenshaw, the social media lead with the Philly Sierra Club, Pennsylvania Clean Air group, will introduce the social media channels used by the group, including Twitter, Blogger, YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, etc.  We will review these channels, how they are used to communicate our message, the jargon associated with each of these channels, and best practices for their use.  In addition, a brief introduction to the Hootsuite software that we use to manage several of these channels will be discussed.  After the main discussion, Bryan will be happy to help you with any questions about the setup and use of your own social media channels.

When:   Sunday, Sept. 21st at 2pm.
Where:  3232 W. Penn St in East Falls
                Philadelphia PA 19129

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