Saturday, January 12, 2013

Protest the "Citizen's United" Decision in Downtown Philly

3rd Anniversary Citizens United v FEC ruling of the United States Supreme Court Event.
Friday January 18, 2013 at noon
Love Park in Philadelphia.

Why, you ask, are we marking this date and decision? We, the citizens, voters, have joined with other groups, including Public Citizen, Rootstrikers, and others to move the Pennsylvania effort to pass a constitutional amendment to reverse the Supreme Court decision and reduce the influence of money in politics.

In an effort to bring attention to our cause, we are staging this event in Center City with speakers, media, hopefully entertainment and lots of people. That's where you come in. If there is any chance you are able to be there, we would welcome it! We will have signs and someone to lead chants.

As members and supporters of Sierra Club, you must be aware of how the corrupt influence of money in our political system has set us back in our efforts to establish safe water, clean air and a program to mitigate climate change. Admittedly, Sierra Club has accomplished much in these areas despite the resistance from government but more needs to be accomplished and to do that, we need to remove one of the obstacles.

Please join us on this eventful day! If anyone has time to volunteer in some capacity, please contact me at:

Thank you and hoping to see you there.

Maria Dilullo


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