Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bike March for Clean Air Aug 2 at noon

Join the Sierra Club, Greenpeace, the Clean Air Council in a "bike march" to
Senator Bob Casey's office on Tuesday August 2nd to stand up for clean air and against harmful smog pollution.

We will meet at 12 noon at the spur on the Schuylkill River Bike Path at the
bottom of the ramp leading up to Chestnut Street and bike to Senator Robert Casey's office at 20th and Market Street.

Cyclists will be wearing breathing masks with "Brought to you by Big Coal" and deliver inhalers to Senator Casey's office to urge him to stand up for the new EPA smog rule

This action follows several Orange Alert Days that have occurred during the
last several weeks in Philadelphia (on 7/18 and 7/21). An Orange Alert Day
occurs when pollution levels are unhealthy and breathing the air can
threaten people's health. Cyclist and other people doing other forms of
outdoor exercise can be especially impacted.

Coal-fired power plants and pollution from cars can trigger asthma attacks
and other health problems, especially for children and the elderly. Local
residents will demand strong clean air protections from the Environmental
Protection Agency that will reduce pollution from cars and encourage a
21st century transportation system while ensuring the move from coal to clean energy sources like wind and solar.

The EPA will announce updated air quality standards this summer, and local residents will insist that the guidelines be strong enough to protect
people's health. They will also insist that members of Congress not
interfere with EPA efforts to clean up the air.

Please RSVP to For more information call 732 589 8024.
William Kramer

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